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With a heritage that intertwines Swedish and Namibian roots, happy/sad-pop artist Isabel Neib creates a sincere, melodic, and unadorned pop soundscape that captures the listener in a tumultuous voyage of emotions.

Her upcoming single I already know came to her as she lay beside a person she knew would reject her. It’s a track built upon a modular synth landscape, addressing the experience of repeatedly ending up with the wrong person and the sorrow of recognizing one’s relationship patterns for what they truly are. 

Since her debut Isabel has opened for the acclaimed Swedish band Amason, received airplay on national and international radio, played live at festivals such as Where’s the music in Sweden and Galapagai Festival in Lithuania among many others. Her music has been reached audiences at The Great Escape festival in Brighton, Ted Talks Stockholm and playlists on Spotify such as Freshfinds, Freshfinds Poptronix and Brand new names. 

Some of her previous collaborations include: Jonathan Johansson, Dotter, Hip Hop collective Supersci, Summer Heart and Iiris Viljanen. I Already Know is the second single from her upcoming debut album by the same name, due to be released this autumn. 

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